Webshaker using Earthquake-like Records Input with Two-Story Model

About this Experiment:
This experiment uses earthquake-like records as base motion to the test structure during the experiment and hence simulate a real earthquake. This experiment allows users to see how a structure would respond to real earthquakes. The input motion delivered to the test structure are scaled and shortened versions of the earthquake records. The acceleration data in earthquake-like record is converted to a voltage signal which is sent to the shake-table delivering the base motion to the test-structure.

Please note that the result is only a rough experiment of how the test structure would respond to a real earthquake and cannot be used as an accurate prediction model.

Choose one of the earthquake-like records listed in the pull down menu below as base excitation for your Webshaker experiment and then click "Select" button.

  • You can view time-domain plots of the Input Motion files here
  • You can view frequency-domain plots of the Input Motion files here