SE 221. Earthquake Engineering

Course Material & Homework
  1. Earthquake Engineering Course Syllabus (pdf)

  2. Earthquake San Diego Danger Zones (pdf)
  3. Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDOF) and Response Spectrum (pdf)
  4. Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDOF) Numerical Methods (pdf)
  5. Ground Motion Parameters (pdf)
  6. Seismic Waves (pdf)
  7. Earthquake Magnitude (pdf)
  8. Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale (pdf)
  9. Earthquake Energy Release Mechanism (pdf)
  10. Earthquake Effects On Structures (pdf)
  11. Stiffness Coefficients for a Flexural Element (pdf)

  12. Bracing (pdf)
  13. Introduction to Seismic Load from 1997 Uniform Building Code (pdf)

    Assignment 13: "Introduction to Seismic Load from 1997 Uniform Building" (pdf)

  14. Multi-Degree-Of-Freedom Shear Frames (pdf)

  15. MDOF Systems & Modal Analysis (pdf)
  16. Step-by-Step Procedure for Using Newmark's Method & Modal Analysis (pdf)

  17. Introduction to Frequency Domain (pdf)
  18. Continuous Systems (pdf)
  19. Base Isolation (pdf)

  20. Frequency Domain Analysis (pdf)

  21. Exam Review Questions (pdf)